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March 28, 2024

Founder Spotlight: Beyond Aero CEO Eloa Guillotin

This month, we’re sitting down with Beyond Aero CEO Eloa Guillotin. Beyond Aero is building an electric private jet powered by hydrogen. The company recently validated their prototype with a successful flight test, joining the exclusive circle of aircraft manufacturers who have launched an electric aircraft into the sky. Check out this video to see the groundbreaking flight. Here is […]

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Founder spotlight

Inside AstroForge's HQ

"We know asteroid mining is a lofty goal that comes with significant challenges, but we're optimistic in the viability of our ambition to mine asteroids within the next decade."

AstroForge mines asteroids to extract valuable minerals in space. The team gave us a tour of their Huntington Beach headquarters, demonstrating their work on building tools and robotics that will be used for the world's first commercial deep space mission.

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