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High Bit
A new podcast, hosted by Brett Gibson, about the art of technical problem-solving.

A high bit is the most significant part of the binary representation of a number. In programming language it is commonly referred to as the most important thing you need to understand about a problem. We spoke with our first four guests about just that. In each episode, we'll break down a gnarly engineering problem and hear how the founder's ingenuity and inventiveness led to a successful outcome.

Our Guests
Episode 1
Aaron Henshaw
Bison Trails Co-Founder and CTO
Building blockchain infrastructure with Aaron Henshaw of Bison Trails. In this episode of High Bit, Aaron discusses how he hired a team to build an infrastructure-as-a-service platform for blockchain networks.
Episode 2
Jose Acain
AstroForge Co-Founder and CTO
Troubleshooting space engineering with AstroForge’s Jose Acain. In this episode of High Bit, Jose walks us through how his team used a fishbone diagram to troubleshoot a space-bound asteroid mining refinery.
Episode 3
Ethan Feldman
Talos Co-Founder and CTO
Unlocking crypto trading efficiency with Talos CTO Ethan Feldman.  In this episode of High Bit, Ethan reveals the unique challenges of building a reliable and global crypto trading platform.
Episode 4
Renuka Apte
Clockwork Co-Founder and CEO
The Future of Nail Care Using AI & Robotics with Clockwork’s Renuka Apte. In this episode of High Bit, Renuka shares how she adopted software engineering principles into the hardware process.