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High Bit
A new podcast, hosted by Brett Gibson, about the art of technical problem-solving.

A high bit is the most significant part of the binary representation of a number. In programming language it is commonly referred to as the most important thing you need to understand about a problem. We spoke with our first four guests about just that. In each episode, we'll break down a gnarly engineering problem and hear how the founder's ingenuity and inventiveness led to a successful outcome.

Our Guests
Episode 1
Aaron Henshaw
Bison Trails Co-Founder and CTO
Building blockchain infrastructure with Aaron Henshaw of Bison Trails. In this episode of High Bit, Aaron discusses how he hired a team to build an infrastructure-as-a-service platform for blockchain networks.
Episode 2
Jose Acain
AstroForge Co-Founder and CTO
Troubleshooting space engineering with AstroForge’s Jose Acain. In this episode of High Bit, Jose walks us through how his team used a fishbone diagram to troubleshoot a space-bound asteroid mining refinery.
Episode 3
Ethan Feldman
Talos Co-Founder and CTO
Unlocking crypto trading efficiency with Talos CTO Ethan Feldman.  In this episode of High Bit, Ethan reveals the unique challenges of building a reliable and global crypto trading platform.
Episode 4
Renuka Apte
Clockwork Co-Founder and CEO
The Future of Nail Care Using AI & Robotics with Clockwork’s Renuka Apte. In this episode of High Bit, Renuka shares how she adopted software engineering principles into the hardware process.
Episode 5
AJ Asver
Parcha Co-Founder and CEO
The challenges of scaling AI agents. In this episode of "High Bit," Parcha CEO AJ Asver discusses the challenges of building AI agents for complex tasks.
Episode 6
Rahul Raina
TRM Labs Co-Founder and CEO
Navigating the frontier of safer financial systems. In this episode of "High Bit," Rahul discusses TRM's approach to tackling financial crimes, and the challenges of processing massive amounts of data in the ever-evolving world of crypto.
Episode 7
Kurt Mackey Co-Founder and CEO
Building a developer-focused public cloud. In this episode of "High Bit," Kurt breaks down their journey challenging big cloud providers, overcoming global logistics nightmares, and evolving their software stack.