We Are Builders & Founders

We’re founders and builders here to help others create and scale transformative companies.

  • We built the team that we wish we had in our corner when we founded our first companies.

  • Venture is an antiquated industry, so we’re using software to scale the un-scaleable parts of our business in order to better help our founders and make best use of our all-star team’s time.

  • Our partners — leveled up through software — are a hive mind to serve founders, who in turn help us see the future.

We've helped more founders build startups at the earliest possible stage than most anyone you'll meet

Initialized Capital is a San Francisco and New York-based early-stage venture capital firm, which now has $3.2B assets under management and more than 200 active companies in the portfolio.

We have helped more founders build startups at the earliest possible stage than most anyone you'll meet, and that means we can help startups avoid the 1,000 landmines that can cause certain failure. A lot of great investors, advisors, founders, and friends have helped us along the way.

Jen Wolf

Managing Partner

Brett Gibson

Managing Partner

Garry Tan

Founder and Partner

Alda Leu Dennis

General Partner

Kim-Mai Cutler


Parul Singh


Abdul Ly


Scott Moss


Andrew Sather


Kat Steinmetz


Richard Lam

Head of Capital and Partner Solutions

Livingston Miller

General Counsel

Zoe Perret

Head of Strategic Operations

Sophie Corwin

Strategic Operations Lead

Zoe Beutel


Anson MacKinney


Julianna Vitolo


Marinda Luk


Chi An


Robert Lindsey

Head of Finance Operations

Esaul Delgadillo

Associate, Finance Operations

Raquel Aceves

Head of Product

Dan Andrews

Lead Software Engineer

Annie Lydens

Senior Software Engineer

Gil Blinstrubas

Product Designer

Dani Metz Shuval

Head of Marketing

Vivian Chaves

Head of Community

Candy Cheng

Head of Content

Cyndi Reseburg

Head of Communications

Daniel Sherman

Head of Portfolio PR

Victoria Feliciano

Head of Admin

Nicole Hashemi

Senior Executive Assistant

Renée Beck

Executive Assistant

Marianne Utolo

Office Manager and Executive Assistant


Greg Lazarus

Part-time Expert, Sales

Dave Le

Part-time Expert, Design